Please feel free to take a look around and get a feel for our gym and the family atmosphere here.  We are a non-competitive gym and instead feature exhibition teams who perform for the community at schools, parades, and other fun events! We do not have try-outs to be on our teams.  All team children are hand picked from current students.

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Boys Program

Boys Program

Our boys program focuses on strength, awareness, and gymnastics skill. The boys will enjoy learning the basics of the vault, high bar, parallel bars, floor, trampoline, and rings while getting stronger each week! We currently offer two different levels in our Boys Program for boys in 1st-6th grade.

If you are new to the gym and are unsure which level is the best fit, schedule a trial placement by contacting us!

Check the Gym Schedule for an updated list of what classes are available 

Boys Level 1

Boys Level 1 begins with conditioning and teaching each gymnast proper stretching and the basics of gymnastics. On the floor, the boys will be taught cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls, and bridges. They will enjoy learning the basics of the high bar, including pull ups, pullovers, tap swings, and casting. On the rings, the gymnasts learn to invert into a skin the cat! The trampoline is the place to learn tuck, straddle, and pike jumps, as well as seat drops, and dive forward rolls. They will learn the foundations to begin learning bigger skills, like front flips. Another fun event for the boys is the vault! Each week they will practice running, hurdling and jumping onto the vault.

Boys Level 2

Enrollment in Boys Level 2 is by coach approval only. To be in this class, a gymnast must be able to do a cartwheel on the floor, pullovers on bars, and have all the basics of gymnastics mastered. In Boys Level 2, they will become skilled at back handsprings, pullover back hip circles on the bars, front handsprings on vault, and skills on the mushroom and parallel bars. The trampoline is always a highlight, where they get to learn front flips.