1. Bring in a filled out form the first day of class OR
  2. Stop in for a few minutes to fill one out at the front desk

Registration Fee

An annual registration fee of $50 is due every September (1st Session).  If you join mid-year, the registration fee will be pro-rated. 

Payment Options

 We accept cash, check, or credit card, and it will be the same cost regardless of the payment method used. Autopay is available! 


 The info drawers are located in the waiting area and contain information including upcoming events, the gym newsletter, and important notices. Check the drawers that correspond to your child’s class each week! 


You will receive tuition statements via email twice a session:

  1. The 1st will let you know tuition is due
  2. The 2nd will be a reminder that tuition was due & is now late

Please verify your email address with the front desk to make sure you receive these, and other important information!



Be sure to look over all of our policies and procedures! 

Contact us at 

or call: 425-486-6887 

if you have any questions.